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Flat Pack Laser Alignment Modules

BEA Lasers has introduced Flat Pack Laser (FPL) Alignment Modules to its alignment series of laser diode modules. The module package includes the laser diode and its housing, a mounting base and a separate power supply.

The FPL is a low profile (20 mm high) flat pack mounting for size constrained applications. The base is 30 mm square, and the laser housing is 18 mm x 18 mm. With the extended laser unit, the overall length is 45 mm.

The FPL laser diode module has been fitted with two different mounting options: The 1-1/4-20 threaded mounting hole in the center of the base, or two M4/9/16" holes for through base mounting (the latter is shown in the accompanying photo).

Standard packaging includes a choice of <5 mW red or green laser output along with either a line or dot optic. Modules with lower output power are available. A separate switching power supply is standard, or a 12/24VDC (input)-5VDC (output) can be provided in the package as an alternate.

"FPL laser modules are suitable for just about any alignment application. They are ideal for alignment in drilling, counting, positioning and edge detection in the applications such as medical devices and equipment, machine shops, cutting tools and water jet cutting, robotic assembly, machine tools and machine vision, wind turbines and tool & die.

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