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skillsgapp Addresses Skills-Based Talent Shortages

Tina Zwolinski, CEO and founder of ZWO, a South Carolina-based branding and marketing firm, and Cynthia Jenkins, partner and CCO of ZWO, have launched skillsgapp, a company designed to address skills-based talent shortages and advance skills-based training and recruitment for mid-level skills careers.

"skillsgapp offers customized gaming apps focused on helping Generation Z gain the middle skills necessary to participate in the massive skills-based jobs sector that includes manufacturing and other technical industries. The mobile, interactive apps allow middle and high school students in any region, particularly rural areas, to achieve the skills necessary to pursue careers in skills-based industries," said a spokesperson.

"I believe that skillsgapp will be a game changer in addressing the skills gap that currently plagues our manufacturing and technical industries," said Jerry Howard, former president and CEO of the Greenville Area Development Corporation and former employer relations manager at Greenville Technical College. "As President of InSite Consulting, I consult with industry, government and economic development organizations across the country, and I am reminded constantly of how much our talent shortages negatively affect our industries, local economies and overall recruitment efforts. skillsgapp offers engaging training through mobile apps for middle and high schoolers, provides rural outreach and supports school counselors and parents. skillsgapp delivers the competitive advantage for states and regions to develop a sustainable workforce."

Along with the gamified app and virtual and augmented-reality training, skillsgapp offers a suite of products and services for skills training, reskilling and upskilling. The skillsgapp suite includes in-school toolkits and marketing campaigns that highlight the benefits of pursuing careers in skills-based industries. skillsgapp tools are suitable for public sector agencies, states, schools and economic development organizations dedicated to building and supporting a qualified workforce pipeline.

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