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February 2020

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Cruiser Bench Counting Scales
Recertified Laser Tracker Business Launched
ARM Announces Selection of New Technology Projects
Brasfield andamp; Gorrie Completes Construction on Arthrex Inc. Manufacturing Facility
Self-Propelled Platform Truck-Tug
Cline Tool Customers Have Full Access to Allied Machine andamp; Engineering Products
Call for Papers 2020 Coordinate Metrology Society Conference
ESPRIT World June 8-12 in Las Vegas
Evonik and NXT Factory Expand Partnership in AM
Fastems Exhibits and Presents Automation and Digital Factory Solutions
Expanded Gear Shaping Capacity
Extended Product Offering Includes Lifting and Moving Solutions
Hoffmann Group USAs GARANT Brand Wins German Design Awards
Hurco Forms Preferred Partnership with BMO Automation
Israeli Aerospace and Aviation Manufacturer to Expand in Fairfax County
Impact Plastics Earns Certification for Automotive Sector
Iotic Raises $8.4 Million and Expands U.S. Team
Automatic Name Tag Feeder Marker
Laguna Tools Acquires Dake Corporation
Inline Laser Marking and Laser Cleaning Solutions
LIFT Receives $5 Million Department of Defense Grant
Hoist Attachment Handles All 55 Gallon Drums
MachineMetrics Launches IIoT Partner Ecosystem
Towing Option for Pallet Dollies
Mastercam Partners with TITANS of CNC
MHS Expands Its Global Headquarters
Mid Atlantic Machinery to Host Manufacturing Industry Event Steel Tech
Miller Partners with AWS to Provide Scholarships to Students
Autonomous Mobile Robot Transports Heavy Loads and Pallets
Nagel Precision Announces Product Collaboration with FLP Microfinishing GmbH
Partnership to Bring New Scale Robotics Tools to Additional Cobot Brands
Height-Adjustable Cart
Northrop Grumman Partners with U.S. Naval Academy Foundation
High-Strength Lightweight Aluminum-Based Alloy
Oerlikon AM and Siemens Collaborate to Digitize AM
Oerlikon Partners with United Launch Alliance
Optomec Delivers 500th Industrial 3D Printer
Expanded Tow Tractor and Stockchaser Lines
Ergonomic Scanning Solution
Partnership Between Alfa Romeo Racing and Quintus
Servo Unloader Technology for Increased Production
Palletizing Equipment Offers Case and Pattern Flexibility
Conveyor Solution for Mobile Industrial Robots
Technology Days for Laser Blanking Line from Schuler
Compact Octopus Stretch Wrapper
SLM Solutions Group and Divergent Technologies Deepen Partnership
SLM Solutions and Honeywell Partner to Qualify New AM Technology
Custom Length Metal Gooseneck Alternative
Low Collapsed Height Lift Table
Hot Isostatic Press with Uniform Rapid Cooling
Machine-Ready Blanks for Lights-Out Machining
Teradyne Completes Acquisition of AutoGuide Mobile Robots
Timken to Acquire BEKA Lubrication
TITANS of CNC Partners with Mitutoyo
Tosibox Provides Secure Connectivity for AMK Group Customers
3D Printer Shipped to Aerospace Production Customer
Vision Engineering Wins Productronica Innovation Award 2019
Volume Graphics Enters Supplier Agreement with Renault F1 Team
Automated Traversing Picking System
Wildeck Earns MHEDAs MVS Award for 2020
Wipro Limited Acquires International TechneGroup Incorporated
Mobile Computer Ideal for On-Demand Economy
ZEISS and ORNL Partner for Advancement of Powder Bed AM
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ARM Announces Selection of New Technology Projects

Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) has announced four new selected projects from its fifth Technology Project Call that took place earlier in 2019. This increases ARM's selected projects to 49, and now involves 44% of its 220 member organizations. Pending final negotiations, ARM plans to provide more than $1.6 million in funding for a total investment of approximately $5.3 million across the four projects.

"Manufacturing is key to securing America's future, and with the fourth industrial revolution upon us, U.S. companies are pressured to quickly adopt automation and robotics to remain competitive," said an ARM spokesperson. "ARM seeks to ease this burden by identifying the most critical technology and workforce problems and issuing project calls to its base of 200+ member organizations to catalyze solutions for American manufacturers. These projects will strengthen U.S. manufacturing and are in line with the technology investment plan approved by members."

"These projects epitomize the strength of the ARM consortium, bringing together diverse organizations to improve manufacturing processes and lower the barriers to adopting robotics," said ARM CTO Arnold Kravitz. "These projects help to ease issues inhibiting growth in U.S. manufacturing, while elevating the human roles."

Human-Robot Collaboration in Quality Inspection

Principal Investigator: Fiat Chrysler

This project seeks to improve the processes surrounding part quality inspection through the development of an easily programmable robotics 3D inspection system. Success will be measured through improvements in resolution, cycle time, programming time and enhanced insights. By project end, the team intends to demonstrate an automatically calibratable system that will work with existing CMMs.

Path Planning for Precision Brazing

Principal Investigator: Siemens

Current precision brazing operations rely on highly manual processes in hazardous environments with high temperatures and noxious fumes. As such, there are a limited number of skilled welders to perform these processes. This project seeks a collaborative robotic solution to supplement the workforce gap through a system where the robot ensures precise flame and temperature control while a skilled operator performs quality control and adds filler material.

SAFE: Safe Autonomy Features in the Edge

Principal Investigator: Siemens

This project seeks to leverage advancements in sensors, edge intelligence, robotics and fail-safe controls to ensure the safety of human workers around their robotic counterparts, specifically AGVs. Current AGVs are limited to moving on a pre-defined path in a highly controlled manner, limiting real-time decision-making opportunities for human counterparts. This project team aims to improve human sensing and perception in AGVs, allowing for wider and safer applications.

Systematic Robotics Application Assessment Methods and Tools for Decision-making

Principal Investigator: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Due to the cost and perceived risk with implementing robotics, advocates are often putting their reputations on the line when advocating for adopting robotics in manufacturing processes. This project seeks to minimize risk to manufacturers by improving upon methods and tools for evaluating manufacturing readiness levels for robotic applications. The expected project outputs include an expert-system-based software platform that identifies the key robotics parameters for a given manufacturing process and suggest solutions.

For more information contact:

Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing

Mill 19 A

4501 Lytle St., Suite 200

Pittsburgh, PA 15207


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