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January 2019

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High Speed HMC Features Compact Footprint Design
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Flexible Milling-Turning Centers for Six-Sided Complete Machining of Complex Workpieces
Vertical Turning Centers with High Efficiency and Performance
Horizontal Machining of Complex Workpieces
Compact 5-Axis VMCs
Knee Mill with Rigid Tapping and Automatic Tool Changer
Advancing the Speed of Turning Operations
High-Performance HMC Solution
Continuous Machining of Complex Forms
High-Speed 5-Axis Universal Machining Center
Expanded CNC Series for Mold Aerospace
Automatic Turning Machine Cuts Cycle Times
Heavy Duty Lathes
Multi-Operational Turning Milling Centers
Quill-Spindle Horizontal Boring Machine
CNC Compact Vertical Machining Centers
CNC Cycle Lathe for Flexible Single-Part and Batch Production of Workpieces
Five-Axis HMC
Hybrid VMC with Friction Stir Welding
Compact HMCs Offer Full Size Machining Capabilities
New Jig Borer
A Job Shop in a Box
Multitasking CNC Lathe with Larger Bed Length
Engine Lathe
CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe
Universal 5-Axis Milling Machine for Complex Workpieces
High Frequency Turning Software Technology for Controlling Chip Breakage
One Set-Up Multi-Axis Machining Center
Manual Lathe Product Line Expands
Multi-Spindle Machines for High-Productivity Cellular Production
Swing Lathes with Solid Bed Design
CNC Control Software Provides Enhanced Memory and Connectivity
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High Speed HMC Features Compact Footprint Design

The SH-4000P horizontal machining center (HMC) from Tongtai, developed for mass production lines, has a 35% smaller footprint than the previous model, allowing for maximum shop floor space utilization. At only 69" wide, floor space is minimized.

"Sold and serviced by Absolute Machine Tools Inc., the Tongtai SH-4000P HMC is the latest generation, low cost, state-of-the-art high-speed machining center," said a company spokesperson. "This machine will exceed the demands of any manufacturer with high volume machining needs. The compact size consumes little valuable floor space while the fast speed will deliver more parts per hour than competitive machines costing thousands more."

The machine is an XY traveling column type design where the pallet moves in Z. The APC unit, located in front of the machine, provides easy access and slashes idle time. The APC is a rotary type pallet changer and it exchanges the pallets in only 5.9 seconds. For pallet rotation in the machining envelope, a full contouring B-axis precisely indexes the pallet every .001° and a hydraulic clamping mechanism is used to clamp the pallet in place for enhanced repeatability. The B-axis is high speed, with 90° index time of 0.5 seconds.

The SH-4000P features an ultra-rigid Meehanite cast iron frame with an advanced 3-point leveling system. The eco-friendly LHL / LubeUSA grease lubrication system is standard for ways and ball screws - no coolant contamination and no wasted oil. The 40 mm (1.57") diameter ball screws are class 3 with a double nut pre-loaded and pre-tensioned design, allowing a fast rapid traverse rate of 2,362 IPM. Furthermore, high-speed acceleration reduces non-cut time (X, Y, Z acc/dec of 1.0G). The Absolute Pulse Coder (ABS) servo system does not require zero return. The machine can be started anytime from any position, saving non-productive time. A standard rear discharge chip removal system includes a center trough design with high volume chip wash for efficient chip removal. A combination dual level caterpillar-type conveyor with fines separator is standard and is suitable for virtually any types of chips / materials.

At the center of the machine is a high power integral spindle with 15,000 RPM and spindle acceleration from 0-7,000 in just 0.48 seconds and 0-15,000 in only 1.9 seconds. Deceleration from 12,000 RPM to stop is only 0.8 seconds. The spindle switches windings on the fly, produces 50 HP peak (10 min. rating), 35 HP in high and 25 HP in low, while producing 184 ft-lbs. of peak torque at only 980 RPM. To enhance milling capabilities, a BIG Plus dual contact spindle is standard. Air/oil mist is used for spindle bearing lubrication to increase spindle life.

The standard 60-station automatic tool changer provides fast tool selection. Tool change time is only 1.4 seconds tool-to-tool due to the use of the patented Sankyo RollerDrive gearbox for the arm mechanism. Average chip-to-chip time is only 2.6 seconds. The ATC system is a random style system.

The FANUC OiM-F conversational control is standard and provide the latest in servo and spindle technology. The OiM-F is capable of handling demanding high-speed machining applications and is available with a full complement of high speed machining options for mold detail and electrode machining.

For more information contact:

Courtney Ortner

Absolute Machine Tools, Inc.

7420 Industrial Parkway

Lorain, OH 44053

800-852-7825 / 440-960-6911

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