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VMC Cuts Cycle Times in Complex 3D Molds

Makino offers the D2 Five-Axis Vertical Machining Center (VMC), a 7-axis, continuous processing platform designed for large die/mold part machining.

The D2 features a tilting/rotating spindle so the tool tip can be positioned to provide optimum contact with the workpiece-providing enhanced surface finishes, extending tool life and minimizing post machining hand processes, according to the company. The D2 combines quick machine movements and accuracies with the latest software for high-speed motion control.

The D2 axis configuration features no overhangs and incorporates large castings that provide a robust cutting platform. Temperature controlled, core-cooled ballscrews and support bearings offer long-term thermal stability. The servo systems are tuned for peak speed and precision. "Together, these features reduce variability for hours of continuous, tight tolerance machining," said a company spokesperson.

The D2 features X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 86.61", 90.56" and 43.3", and a spindle tilt of 165° (+30° to -135°) and rotation of 120° (+60° to -60°). The W-axis provides 27.55" of cross rail positioning for adjusting the up/down motion of the cross rail relative to the work height. The 63" x 47.24" table, located on the C-axis (360°), can handle a maximum workpiece size of 82.67" o x 66.92" tall and a table load capacity of 11,023 lbs.

The D2 can optionally be configured with a pallet changer with a 39.36" x 39.36" pallet, or an optional 49.2" x 39.36" pallet delivering a 50 second pallet change time. The pallet changer enables setting up on one pallet and machining on the other pallet simultaneously to reduce set-up time and increase spindle utilization.

Included in the standard configuration of the D2 machine is a productive 15,000 PRM, HSK-A100 spindle. The two-range 40.2 HP, 160 ft-lbs. torque spindle supplies wide range capability with stiffness and rigidity at lower ranges for roughing operations, and chatter-free production of small details and fine features utilizing small tools at high RPM.

Designed with a rigid base construction and integrating a programmable W-axis, the D2 minimizes spindle-to-part distances and reduces deformation to provide a stable platform for high-precision processing, easy workpiece access and improved tooling flexibility. This stiffness combined with tilting spindle capability enables manufacturers to process curved surfaces using multiple sides of ball-end mills, leading to higher quality machined surfaces. Additionally, the machine's slim spindle nose design provides greater accessibility and closer proximity to critical workpiece features with a wider variety of tools. The range of spindle tilting motion provides access to sides of parts in a single set-up.

The standard D2 automatic tool changer (ATC) can store up to 60 tools, with a maximum tool length of 23.62", maximum diameter of 11.81" and a 66 lb. tool weight, improving production times and tool carrying capacity. An optional 136 tool magazine is also available.

The D2 is configured with Makino's Professional 6 (Pro6) control. Pro6 offers a seamless interface for operators to maximize productivity.

Within the Pro6 control is Makino's Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.5) software. "SGI.5 enables the machine to feed at rates faster than standard CNC systems while maintaining high levels of accuracy using a combination of highly refined AC digital servos and proprietary software," said the spokesperson.

The D2 features Makino's proprietary Collision Safeguard technology-a function that runs real-time interference checks to avoid spindle crashes.

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