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Mobile Apps for CNC Product and Maintenance Support

With the FANUC CNC Alarms App, maintenance workers will no longer have to page through manuals to decipher an alarm message from a control.

FANUC America has released a suite of mobile apps for quicker delivery of vital information. The CNC Comparison, the CNC Functions Catalog and the CNC Alarms set of apps provide key FANUC product information in a user-friendly way.

The CNC Comparison and the CNC Functions Catalog are two newly created apps designed to help easily evaluate the array of FANUC CNC products available. The FANUC CNC Comparison App is a convenient way to compare and contrast the wide variety of FANUC CNCs. For a deeper dive into the extensive selection of FANUC components, functions and software, users can download the CNC Functions Catalog App.

For quicker troubleshooting, the FANUC CNC Alarms App helps identify alarm codes from the various controls. Maintenance workers will no longer have to page through manuals to decipher an alarm message with the CNC Alarms App.

"We know the nature of manufacturing work is changing and having easy access to information from mobile devices is crucial," said Paul Webster, Director of Factory Automation Engineering for FANUC America. "With multiple generations working in the manufacturing field, we believe it is important to deliver information via the tools many workers are now using."

The CNC Comparison, CNC Functions Catalog and CNC Alarms Mobile Apps are available to download in the Apple Store and Google Play.

For more information contact:

FANUC America Corporation

3900 West Hamlin Road

Rochester Hills, MI 48309-3253

888-FANUC-US (326-8287)

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