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ProGMA Technology Tool Launched

MHI's Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) has launched a Protective Guarding Search Tool, which aims to serve as a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for guarding solutions.

The Protective Guarding Search Tool addresses the various protective guarding solutions that are available in the market and supports end users looking for the right products for their facilities.

"Most industrial facilities use multiple pieces of protective guarding as employee safety is of utmost importance," said a spokesperson. "The key is to identify the hazards and the solutions for those dangers. There is a solution for every industrial facility-and now it can all be found in one place."

The first step for an end user is to identify the risk. For example, if there is an opening at a pallet drop area in an upper level of a pick module, that is a fall risk for employees. The facility manager can then go to the Protective Guarding Search Tool and type in that risk and get back a list of companies that offer pallet drop safety gates with links to their sites for more information.

A facility manager may, for example, know that they have a safety issue, but are not entirely sure what products would provide the needed protection. The Protective Guarding Search Tool allows users to search for solutions by entering phrases-"prevent falls from upper levels"-or by entering a product-"loading dock safety gate."

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