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TOHP Toolholders with High-Pressure Coolant Through

Precitronics, a division of Madaula SA, offers its patented solution for driven (live) tooling featuring high pressure cooling (up to 150 bar) with TOHP technology.

"This system offers a smoother, faster cut and longer tool life," said a company spokesperson. "Conventional cooling does not reach the cutting point, so the edge of the tool heats up quickly. When cooled, this results in a disastrous thermal shock with cracks and evaporation of lubricant. The use of high pressure brings us to a new age, where the lubricant fully complies its mission and easily reaches the cutting edge, between the material to be cut and the tool. Correct evacuation of chips to the outside part is obtained and there is no turbulence in the cutting area."

According to the company, complete high-pressure machining (static and rotary) with these toolholders results in significant savings in cycle times and tool life. "There is fluid control, so the fluid acts where it is needed. It allows operations that could not be carried out until now in conventional machines, such as deep drilling," said the spokesperson.

The main advantages are:

  • Coolant pressure up to 150 bar for cutting oil and emulsion
  • Available for all types of toolholder spindles
  • Independent channels for each tool. Controlled flow and pressure in each output.
  • No leaks inside the tool-TOHP system is external
  • Savings in cycle times around 25-30%
  • Improved chip control and smaller chip production
  • Economic and tool life savings
  • Improved surface quality-no high temperature during machining
  • Eco-friendly
  • System is located in the backside of the nut and protected from impacts, chips and liquid
  • Specially designed to maintain the original tool length
  • System also located in the backside of the spindle and protected from impacts, chips and liquid; possibility of collision with machine parts is reduced.

For more information contact:

Euro-Technics, Inc.

93 Pine Lake Circle

Nashville, IN 47448

888-600-9570 / 847-426-8000

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