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One FreeTurn Tool Performs All Turning Operations

FreeTurn Tools from CERATIZIT USA Inc. are able to perform all-in-one turning operations using just one tool, resulting in a 25% reduction in machining time, according to the company.

"Contrasted with conventional turning processes, where a separate tool is required for every contour, a single FreeTurn Tool can complete all roughing, finishing, contour turning, facing and longitudinal turning operations at different approach angles," said a company spokesperson.

FreeTurn Tools, combined with CERATIZIT High Dynamic Turning (HDT), use the milling spindle to perform the turning process. The FreeTurn cutting edge can be changed through rotation about the tool axis, allowing machining from all sides and providing savings on tools and changeover times. The approach angle can be adjusted during machining, which not only enables dynamic machining of almost any part contour in all directions, but also results in adjustable feedrates and perfect chip control, according to the company.

"Unlike conventional turning, the FreeTurn directs the cutting force through the tool into the spindle and not into the holder," said the spokesperson. "This ensures optimized force distribution and reduced downtime. With FreeTurn Tools, manufacturers can expect 40% higher feedrate values, up to 90% fewer empty tool paths and improved surface quality."

The FreeTurn Tool features a screw-on indexable insert and a slim shank for machining in narrow workpiece contours. The FreeTurn Indexable Insert can consist of several cutting edges with different properties. Individual approach angles, corner radii, chip breakers, coatings and cutting materials can be combined on a single insert as required.

CERATIZIT offers a range of FreeTurn Indexable Inserts and Holders to meet specific application and machining requirements.

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