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Workholding Solution for High Force Applications

Euro-Tech Corporation now offers the new Mytec line of mechanical arbors and chucks. Using special hydraulic expansion elements designed to provide enhanced precision, clamping force and transferred torque, these mechanical arbors and chucks are suitable for workholding where high forces are incurred or auto load applications where high clearance is required. Suitable applications include turning, hobbing, grinding, testing and measuring.

Mytec expanding mechanical arbors feature runout accuracy of less than 0.005 mm down to .0004 mm and a modular design with an interchangeable vulcanized, hard-coated collet resulting in high loading clearances. Mytec expanding mechanical flanged chucks are power operated (drawbar) and feature 0.01 mm clamping repeatability, retractable workpiece stop and a modular design with an interchangeable collet. Expanding mechanical collet chucks are power operated by the pull rod of the machine and feature high gripping forces and a pull-back, modular design with an interchangeable collet.

In addition to hydraulic expansion arbors and chucks, a diversified line of products has been developed for a variety of applications including hydraulic expansion arbors and chucks; hydraulic expansion arbors and chucks with geared expansion sleeves; hydraulic expansion arbors and chucks of light metal; complete clamping fixtures including peripherals; and machine spindles with integrated hydraulic expansion technology.

Mytec is seal-less connection technology for hydraulic expansion clamping tools, which is a closed expansion system, makes Mytec chucks and arbors impervious to dirt and chips.

If space permits, Hydra expansion elements from Mytec-Hydraclamp are generally equipped with an adjustment piston. This makes it possible to set expansion for fine clamping, particularly in the case of thin-walled workpieces, and deformation is avoided. Tools have a hardness of 56 HRC with a center hardness of 64 HRC. An optional highly wear-resistant coating may be applied which will result in a surface hardness of 80 HRC.

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