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New Series of Wire EDM

New to the 2018 KNUTH machine tools catalog is the NeoSpark series of CNC electric discharge machines (EDMs). The two-directional molybdenum wire guide system is the heart of the machine. The NeoSpark features a wire feed, that may be used for workpieces with large tapers or heights. The molybdenum wire is used for multiple passes to provide low wire cost, and the control's fuzzy logic technology increases productivity up to 30%.

The KNUTH NeoSpark series can hold a workpiece up to 51 x 31 x 20", 2,646 lbs. and has full 4-axis capability for 2-D cutting of taper and irregular cutting of different shapes. This machine uses software that can run offline and programs can be downloaded to the machine with the USB port.

Flushing is used instead of full submersion and achieves very fine cuts with surface finishes down to 0.8 µm Ra (0.000031"). "All of these features are designed to deliver excellent cutting performance and keep operating costs low," said a company spokesperson.

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