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Dust Free Graphite Milling

"EDM Network, Inc. has a solution to the messy dust generated during high speed milling of graphite electrodes," said a company spokesperson. The CHMER built Oil Shroud is designed to capture all of the fine particles of graphite created when milling at speeds up to 30,000 RPM. The captured dust is then filtered through the 30 micro cartridge filters that are part of the system. No more vacuum systems required.

The oil used is standard EDM oil but with a higher viscosity so that the oil curtain does not break down at high spindle speeds. This oil is engineered to be fully compatible with sinker EDM oil so no cleaning or drying is required before EDMing. Other benefits of the oil shroud are:

  • Better milling cutter wear
  • Less graphite chipping
  • Improved surface finish on the electrode
  • No graphite dust.

These high-speed graphite mills can also mill hard metals up to Rc 63 in the larger models with the 10 and 15 kW spindles, so in addition to the graphite electrodes, mold components can also be machined on the same mill. Both ball screw drives and linear motor models are available. HSKE32, E40 and E50 tooling are available.

"These high-speed dust free graphite mills are just part of a selection of affordable EDMs available from EDM Network Inc.," said the spokesperson. Ball screw and linear motor wire EDMs, ball screw and linear motor sinker EDMs and ball screw and linear motor small hole EDM drills, including 6-axis models, are available.

For more information contact:

EDM Network, Inc.

1974 Bucktail Lane

Sugar Grove, IL 60554


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