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President of Nakamura-Tome Honored by Japanese Government

Kenichi Nakamura, President of Nakamura-Tome, was recently honored with the "Order of the Rising Sun." Nakamura-Tome is a Methods Machine Tools partner.

Kenichi Nakamura, President of Nakamura-Tome and former Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association (JMTBA) Chairman, was recently awarded the "Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon," by the Japanese government.

The Order of the Rising Sun is a Japanese order, established in 1875 by Emperor Meiji of Japan. The Order was the first national decoration awarded by the Japanese government to those who have made distinguished achievements in international relations, promotion of Japanese culture, advances in their field or development in welfare or preservation of the environment. It is the third highest order bestowed by the Japanese government.

Nakamura received this honor because of his achievements in four distinct areas.

As Chairman of JMTBA for six years:

  • Achievements for securing and fostering human resourcing in the machine tool industry
  • Achievements for the organization of Japanese International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF)
  • Recognition for recovering from emergencies, such as the Lehman Brothers crisis and the 2011 Pacific Coast earthquake and tsunami in Japan
  • Achievements for promoting and ensuring a sound export control
  • Achievements for providing economic indicators through the JMTBA monthly press conference
  • Recognition for his suggestions and dedication related to Japan's tax reform.
  • Recognition for his contributions to the implementation of government policies for mid-size companies
  • Recognition for achieving a statistical improvement of the overseas market development
  • Acknowledgment for the development of Japan's Machine Tool Industry Vision 2020.

For contributions to Nakamura-Tome's growth:

  • Development of the multitasking machines and its worldwide expansion
  • Recognition for job creation and expansion, as well as human resources development
  • Recognition for patent acquisition achievements
  • Development of new business, such as the Medical Division and the establishment of the South Korean factory.

For contributions as a public official:

  • Career in the "Measurement Administration Council" of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

For his leadership in education and volunteering:

  • Recognition for leadership and achievements of education in Ishikawa prefecture
  • Recognition for local human talent recruitment
  • Acknowledgment for local volunteer activities.

Nakamura-Tome milestones include:

  • 1986-First true twin-spindle multitasking machine TW-10
  • 1999-First 3-turret multitasking machine
  • 2000-First 4-turret multitasking machine
  • 2003-First ATC machine with two lower turrets
  • 2005-First 3-turret with 3 Y-axes; first ATC machine with lower turret and Y-axis
  • 2017-Approximately 800-1,000 machines produced per year globally.

"It is an honor to deal with a company of such high standards and quality in the design and build of their machines. Methods has partnered with Nakamura-Tome for over 35 years to bring their technology to the United States and is proud to be associated with such an accomplished leader and high quality builder," said Jerry Rex, President and COO, Methods Machine Tools, Inc.

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