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Autodesk Expands Generative Design Tech Preview

Autodesk's Generative Design (AGD) tech preview, previously available to Netfabb Ultimate users, has expanded to now include Fusion 360 Ultimate subscribers.

AGD enables the creation and exploration of design options, empowering design teams to analyze the tradeoffs they could make along a price/performance curve. "In the past, designers and engineers could explore two or three different designs, and then run topology or lattice optimization on their chosen solution. With AGD, users can literally generate hundreds of potential solutions to a design problem and explore the variations-including solutions they may not have considered," said Greg Fallon, Autodesk VP of Simulation.

Traditional optimization focuses on refining a known solution without any notion of manufacturability. By contrast, generative design helps augment the engineer, using the power of the cloud to explore a whole set of previously unknown solutions-and it comes with manufacturability preconfigured as part of the design criteria. "The number of simulations engineers are required to run is reduced on the chosen solution because simulation and optimization is built directly into the process," said Fallon.

There are several technical updates to AGD beyond the expansion of the tech preview. Autodesk plans expanded access to the technology in the future.

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