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Estimating Software for Custom Manufacturers

KeyedIn, maker of cloud ERP and project management software, has unveiled enhancements to the real-time estimating functionality in KeyedIn Manufacturing - enhancements that enable custom manufacturers to make faster, more profitable decisions.

"Effective estimating is the foundation of a successful business for custom manufacturers, but many struggle to gain quick access to the data they need - such as previous orders, material and shipping costs - to make quoting easier and faster. The enhanced estimating functionality in KeyedIn Manufacturing takes estimating from 'best guess' to 'best practice' with real-time views of preferred vendor pricing and margin calculations in a single solution," said a company spokesperson.

The estimating module in KeyedIn Manufacturing gives manufacturers real-time visibility into material, production and shipping costs to ensure estimates are maximizing profit margins. "KeyedIn's estimating functionality has given us the tools we need to ensure our estimates will return a profit. The estimating module allows us to create quotes quickly and more accurately using real-time costing information," said George Serrano at Catalyst Hydraulics.

Highlights of the enhanced estimating functionality include:

  • Opportunity lifecycle visibility - Estimates are linked to opportunities, which facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the estimator to the shop floor to gain greater visibility into the lifecycle of an opportunity, including when the opportunity was created, who created it, if the estimate has been completed and if the quote has been printed.
  • Unlimited opportunity lines and versions - This flexible approach allows manufacturers to estimate different methods of manufacturing or unique options on a bill of materials, and then quickly adjust to changes requested by customers and prospects during the estimating process.
  • Manage multiple versions of the final quote - Manufacturers are able to track and manage different quotes sent to customers or prospects easily and in one place.

"By eliminating the need for disconnected estimating tools, KeyedIn Manufacturing provides manufacturers with a single version of the truth that enables quick, accurate estimate production using historical data and real-time cost information to ensure profitable results. With a single solution managing all estimates, manufacturers gain valuable knowledge into how past estimates have performed against revenue expectations. This insight helps them improve estimating practices and learn from estimating flops," said the spokesperson.

"Due to the power of the cloud, these enhancements can have a material impact on the margins a custom manufacturer is able to generate - not to mention eliminating the tedious back-and-forth process of juggling multiple quotes," said KeyedIn Director of Product Marketing Dave Lechleitner. "They give our users the ability to streamline estimating with real-time views of all manufacturing costing information - allowing them to create accurate, profitable estimates with ease."

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