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Bandsaw Machine Offers Fast Cut-Off Speed

Amada Machine Tools America has introduced its newest bandsaw model, the HPSAW310. "Offering twice the productivity of carbide and circular saw machines, the HPSAW310 is engineered to increase the rigidity of the machine frame, allowing the mounting of a large-capacity blade motor," said a company spokesperson.

"In the past, cutting large diameter materials had been difficult using carbide blades. However, owing to the synergistic effect of this unique machine, the HPSAW310 has the newest patent-pending technology for the world's fastest cut-off rate," continued the spokesperson.

Featuring the newly designed bridge-type saw-head frame and a high-rigidity double-post guide, this patent pending technology, is designed to double productivity.

One of the main features of this band saw is the energy conservation and increased productivity. With the use of Amada's carbide blade, it is possible to reduce the cutting kerf by 60%, compared to the same cutting kerf of carbide circular saw. It has an improved yield ratio and tact time due to the high speed feeding vise that effectively uses the servo motors and the triple vice-structure on front, main and feeding vise.

The HPSAW310 also features improved precision in detection with dual blade-deviation sensors and high precision monitoring. It is also possible to customize this machine as a solution to be compatible with various devices placed along the process line before and after the saw machine to suit the environment of the user's production site.

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