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Kasto Sawing Machines with 3-1/2" Capacity

The Kasto Model KASTOwa C7/9 is designed for cutting steel bars with thin, throwaway carbide tipped saw blades. "A unique saw blade guiding device with carbide pads assures long blade life and a smooth cut surface," said a company spokesperson. Blade diameters from 10" to 12-1/2" and thicknesses from 0.079" to 0.098" as well as solid HSS saw blades can be used. The 10 HP frequency controlled saw blade drive motor enables infinitely variable blade speeds from 115 to 750 SFPM.

The Kasto Model KASTOwa M9 was developed for cutting non-ferrous metals using either carbide tipped or HSS solid saw blades. A blade drive motor up to 25 HP is available for blade speeds up to 12,000 SFPM.

The Siemens Simatic HMI is used for set-up and control of the sawing machine and is designed for fast and convenient setting of machine functions. Cut piece accuracy is provided through use of a heavy-duty length gauge combined with a pusher type bar feed.

These machines can be provided with either an inclined loading table, a flat magazine or a bundle unscrambler. Cut pieces can be discharged either over a chute or by means of a tilt table for long lengths. Trim cuts and remnant ends are automatically sorted. Interlinking with other machines such as end machining or brush deburring can be provided. The machine is totally enclosed to provide quiet, clean and safe operation.

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