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Robotics OLP Enables Digital Production Transformation

Visual Components, developer of 3D simulation software, offers Visual Components Robotics OLP. Via a single software, manufacturers can bring their technology deployments under one banner, improve robot utilization and enhance production efficiency, the company reported.

The platform is compatible with the primary robot and cobot brands, including 17 post-processors from companies including KUKA, ABB, YASKAWA and FANUC. Manufacturers can seamlessly transfer their robot programs from Visual Components Robotics OLP to physical robots on the shop floor.

"Visual Components Robotics OLP has been brought to market at a time where robots are being underutilized in the manufacturing sector," said a company spokesperson. "Time and labor-intensive processes, complex product mixes and skills shortages are persistent challenges that have hindered innovation and blocked progress in digital transformation strategies."

Alongside reduced downtime and complexity involved with robotic deployments, a unified solution provides the basis for employees to be trained across a number of disciplines. This encourages upskilling in the Industry 5.0 era and an opportunity to drive technical skills among the new generation entering the sector. Rather than eliminate jobs, the technology serves to fill skills gaps.

"Put simply, Visual Components Robotics OLP makes digital production transformation possible," said Mikko Urho, CEO at Visual Components. "It is more than just a product release; it is a testament to our understanding of industry challenges and continued commitment to addressing them head-on. We ae bridging the efficiency gaps and streamlining processes to ensure our customers always stay one step ahead."

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