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New Technology Improves Heavy-Duty Machining of Calipers

LiFLEX II 766 i DL B2 twin spindle machining center

LiFLEX II 766 i DL B2 machining area with clamping fixtures for calipers

Robust angle head for milling operations

Haldex, a brake system supplier for trucks and truck trailers, has improved productivity significantly with twin-spindle LiCON machines.

Before finding a better solution with LiCON, the standard machining concept consisted of robust single-spindle machines with four axes. The tombstone type fixtures required long tools, which lead to chattering while machining the GJS 600 material. With the LiCON twin-spindle machining center in 5-axis execution, the challenges are successfully managed.

Philip Andersson, Managing Director, explained the strategy: "With 10 twin-spindle LiCON machines, we increased the caliper production by 40%, and we even do not have to add space. We have a standard design of automated robot loaded cells, each consisting of five machining centers, robot loading, bin picking of raw parts and an integrated CMM machine. We are glad to have the robust LiCON machines as core part of our strategic capacity increase."

Due to its rigid design, the LiFLEX II 766 performs as a twin-spindle, with 500 Nm per spindle and a feed force of 10,000 N.

"With such a powerful machine, we are now machining two calipers of GLS 600 material in the time of one and save much space too. The LiFLEX machines are made for heavy machining," said Björn Kihlberg, the Production Engineer at Haldex, who has been a driving part of the entire transformation.

Per Holmqvist, Global Manufacturing Engineering Director, said: "On top of that, we now have a direct loading, which reduces the number of fixture nests to be checked to a minimum. The loading by robot is so fast that direct loading is the best solution for this application, as the number of fixture nests is limited to the ones in production."

LiCON is a perfectly sized company to build great machines and still listen to the customer. Thorsten Scheid, Global Project Manager Operations at Haldex, said: "All our individual requirements were considered and realized."

The caliper design requires milling of a feature that is inaccessible for a standard tool, as it is hidden behind the workpiece itself. To machine the caliper on a 4-axis machine, a Z-shaped double angle head had to be used, which is complex to maintain. Haldex was looking for a more economical solution, which LiCON provided with the 5-axis solution. A more robust 90° angle head is now in use.

The high forces during the milling process are supported by the three robust pins built on to the 500 Nm spindles, supporting the angle head. This way, chatter-free production is achieved at high feedrates, even with two workpieces at the same time.

Fadil Fazlic, Haldex Cutting Tool Manager, said: "We managed to avoid the Z-shaped angle head, as we can position the caliper in the 5-axis machine in the best operating position."

Haldex, founded in 1888 in Sweden, is a manufacturer of braking systems and air suspension solutions that improve the safety, dynamics and durability of heavy vehicles. Haldex customers are mainly large manufacturers of trucks, buses and trailers in North America, Europe and Asia.

LiCON mt GmbH & Co. KG is a global system supplier of modular machining centers stands for high-precision machining in series production. Core products are horizontal machining centers with single-spindle, twin-spindle and even four-spindles. Loading options include direct loading, double trunnion and pallet changer. LiCON develops, designs and builds fixtures, motor spindles and most of its machine components in-house and provides system integration with customized adaptable automation concepts.

Authored by Nils Baumgartner, Account Manager, LiCON

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