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Combined Milling and Grinding Machine Series

GF Machining Solutions has launched its new Micron MILL S/X Series 5-axis machines that combine milling with jig grinding capabilities. This two-in-one combination, which features high machine dynamics and consistent thermal stability and accuracy, offers reduced part and mold processing times, improved quality and short machine ROI.

The MILL S/X Series includes the 400/400 U, 500, 600/600 U and 800 models, all featuring linear, rotating and swiveling axes. The machines allow users to clamp parts once and perform milling and grinding operations to not only shorten cycle times, but to also eliminate the risk of stacked tolerances from having to transfer parts from one machining process to the next. Linear axis motors and rotary swiveling torque tables provide either a smooth or dynamic milling process for machining accurate parts during short, medium and long milling operations.

For further machining optimization, MILL S/X machines are equipped with the Operator Support System extreme (OSS extreme) smart machine software module developed and patented by GF Machining Solutions. The module lets users select various settings that take into consideration the machining priorities and the machine parameters.

As standard, GF Machining Solutions outfits MILL S/X machines with its Automated Machine Calibration (AMC) software that allows users to calibrate their machine in minutes as opposed to hours. This reduces downtime between cycles while the push of a button offers stable, long-term precision needed for high-quality parts.

To further reduce processing costs and boost machining accuracy, the Econowatt smart machine module on MILL S/X machines makes it possible to set the machine in a configurable standby and wake-up mode to achieve the most suitable thermal conditions for the start of production and to reduce energy consumption.

Available MILL S/X machine Step-Tec spindle speeds include 30,000 RPM, 36,000 RPM and 42,000 RPM. "Within the range of MILL S/X spindles, Step-Tec's OptiCool Spindle Series ensures not only that the spindle remains thermally stable, but that the natural heat transfer to the spindle support (Z-axis) is limited to the lowest amount possible to preserve the machine's geometry," said a company spokesperson. "Plus, where conventional stator cooling reaches its limits, Step-Tec's CoolCore Spindles go beyond that to lower temperatures and minimize temperature fluctuations in the rotating shaft."

On the grinding side of the MILL S/X machines, a grinding tool dressing spindle is mounted next to the 3-axis machine tables at a slight incline to allow dressing of any complex grinding tool. The dressing spindle speed adjusts from 3,000 RPM to 20,000 RPM for added dressing flexibility, efficiency and reliability.

For lights-out production, the MILL S/X (U) model machines are easily automated with different pallets, magazines or third-party automation. The machines are highly flexible and ready for automation that delivers unattended machining together with increased output.

For automated tool changing, GF Machining Solutions offers simple double-row disc magazines or automatic tool changers. Tool storage capacities range from 15 up to 308 tools, depending on machine model and tool type.

With a combination of Blaser coolant and Fraisa cutting tools, MILL S/X machines allow for the machining of graphite or copper EDM electrodes without changing the machine's set-up. This capability further improves electrode quality and extends the life cycle of the cutting tool.

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