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Plasma, Waterjet, Software Products

Hypertherm Associates' Hypertherm plasma and OMAX waterjet cutting technology brands will welcome visitors from two halls at FABTECH.

The combined booth of Hypertherm and OMAX technology brands, located at booth A4531, will feature a comprehensive range of plasma and waterjet products. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness X-Definition plasma robotic cutting using Robotmaster software and the HPR cartridge for HPRXD plasma systems. There will be demonstrations of the ProtoMAX, MAXIEM and OptiMAX abrasive waterjets. Hypertherm Associates will also showcase demonstrations of its software solutions, including ProNest CAD/CAM nesting software and Robotmaster offline programming (OLP) for cutting, welding, trimming, polishing and other robotic applications.

Booth B15009 will feature the Powermax air plasma products, including the innovative Powermax SYNC plasma with built-in intelligence and a single-piece consumable cartridge. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the Powermax SYNC and its SmartSYNC torch firsthand. They can also meet Rae Ripple, a metal artist, TV personality and author, who will demonstrate plasma cutting best practices.

For more information contact:

Hypertherm Inc.

P.O. Box 5010

21 Great Hollow Rd.

Hanover, NH 03755


FABTECH Booth A4531 & B15009

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