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High-Speed Automated Gear Cutting

"Gear manufacturers can now access model M673 CNC gear shaping machine, designed and built by Monnier + Zahner in Switzerland and distributed in North America by Helios Gear Products. This world-class machine tool equips gear manufacturers to profitably produce fine-pitch parts with easy programming, proven automation and contemporary technical features," said Adam Gimpert, President of Helios. "This combination-backed by Helios's expert service and support-offers manufacturers a higher level of reliable productivity for the 21st century."

Gear shaping is a versatile cutting process for producing external or internal gears and other repeating tooth forms such as splines, sprockets and serrations. The M673 features 1.25 module (20 DP) FANUC CNC shaping for parts up to 80 mm (3.15") diameter, 10 mm to 30 mm (0.4" to 1.18") stroke length up to 2,000 strokes per minute, a compact footprint and unified versatile gantry automation. The machine design uses an all-new flexible tailstock concept that allows ample clearance when shaping small parts.

"Gear manufacturers of medium- to high-volume fine-pitch jobs will increase productivity with the M673's set of features, ease of training and intuitive programming," said a spokesperson. "High-volume internal gear and spline shaping especially benefit from the M673's use of automation, high-speed cutting (with carbide cutting tools) and flexible tailstock. As a result of over five years of research and development, no other CNC gear shaping machine offers the unique combination of technical specifications, MZ craftsmanship and Helios support, making this a go-to shaping solution for world-class gear production."

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