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Improve Welding, Fitting Productivity

The Slinger Beam Rotator from Ocean Machinery is designed for safely lifting and rotating heavy beams and columns without the hassle of waiting for overhead cranes or forklifts.

According to Ocean Machinery President Danny Steyn, "We are excited about the new Ocean Slinger Beam Rotator. It is an innovative solution that will save time, money and energy for our customers. We believe this product will revolutionize how we approach beam rotation and positioning in the steel fabrication industry."

The machine features a rugged hand-held remote control, allowing welders to activate the Slinger's powerful hydraulic unit. The machine's lifting arms elevate the beam off the work trestles, allowing operators to rotate any part to any inclination and height, making it more comfortable and ergonomic to fit and weld continuously through their shift.

One of the key features of the Ocean Slinger is that it is self-supporting and does not have to be permanently bolted to the floor. This allows the Slinger to be adjusted to accommodate profiles of varying lengths. A durable and heavy-duty machine that meets the highest safety standards, the Ocean Slinger is CE certified and features standard off-the-shelf hydraulic and electrical components for easy servicing.

The Ocean Slinger Beam Rotator is available in two standard sizes that handle the majority of structural beam and column welding requirements, and custom solutions are also available.

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