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Robotic Bending Cell

LVD has introduced the D-Cell, its most competitively-priced robotic bending cell yet, the company reported. D-Cell is engineered to make robotic bending easy for sheet metalworking businesses of all sizes and capacities. The system combines a 50-ton hydraulic press brake with Kuka industrial robot and LVD's programming software. D-Cell will make its North American debut at FABTECH, booth A4501.

"With D-Cell, LVD makes bending automation an investment that is easily justified," said a company spokesperson. "As manufacturers look to balance costs, quality, throughput and agility, D-Cell offers the flexibility to handle production of a wide range of parts with fast throughput, in varying lot sizes and at a minimized cost."

At the heart of D-Cell is the versatile PPED press brake. A simple design makes PPED practical and easy to use for a variety of bending jobs. Its rigid construction, welded one-piece frame and servo-controlled hydraulic system help ensure consistent bending results. It delivers 50 tons of pressing force, has a 2,000 mm working length, 4-axis backgauge and handles part sizes from 35 mm x 100 mm up to 400 mm x 600 mm with a part weight of up to 4 kg.

D-Cell features the same automatic programming software as LVD's Dyna-Cell and Ulti-Form robotic bending systems. Using CADMAN software, D-Cell accelerates "art to part" production in 20 minutes or less. It generates the bending and robot program automatically in 10 minutes and then takes just 10 minutes for set-up and first part production. No robot teaching is needed, making D-Cell easy to program no matter the user's experience level. Also simplifying its operation: the system uses one interface, one controller for both press brake and robot.

A universal gripper designed by LVD handles different part sizes, bends up to three flanges without regripping and easily moves between tool stations. Its universal application saves investment in custom grippers, reduces changeover time and keeps production continuous.

D-Cell is a compact unit, requiring only 5,000 mm x 5,200 mm of floor space. The cell provides four input pallets with inclined plane for different part formats, a center station and output pallets or boxes. With a high input of raw material and a high output capacity, long production runs are possible.

D-Cell offers the versatility to operate in manual mode with backgauge fingers configured for robotic and manual bending.

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FABTECH Booth A4501

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