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Compact, High Pressure Coolant Systems

The LNS Chipblaster S-Series Coolant Systems improve CNC machine performance, take up less floor space and are easy to install and maintain, the company reported.

The S-Series is available in fixed or variable rate (flow and pressure) models. The variable rate units have tool interfaces that provide independent control of one, four or eight coolant options, depending on the number of installed coolant-enabled tools. Fixed flow units have one coolant outlet.

A dual cartridge filtration system that filters to 10 or 5 microns is standard on fixed flow model S-30 and variable flow models SBV-70 and SBV-140. Changing filters is quick and easy while the unit continues to operate without interrupting production. The S-30H fixed flow model has a maintenance free cyclone filter that requires no media change and filters coolant to 2 microns.

Variable flow models have a user-friendly HMI that allows easy adjustment of preset pressure values, changes to settings and monitoring of various operations. Multidirectional casters enable easy installation and maintenance.

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