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Fabrication and Forming Machines

KAAST Machine Tools, Inc. will showcase six different fabrication and forming machines at FABTECH 2023: PS 65 DP 70-ton Ironworker, HPA-P 150/60 150 t Simple Press Brake, RBD-4HL 2050/8 NC Plate Roller, HBS 230 DG 9" Dual Mitering Semi-Automatic Band Saw, HBS 440 DG Semi-Automatic Dual Mitering 14" Band Saw and PBM 50 Angle Roller.

The PS 65 DP Ironworker is a versatile machine with 70 tons of pressure and five work stations for punching, shearing and notching. It features two hydraulic pistons controlled by independent foot pedals, allowing two operators to work simultaneously. The stroke of the pistons can be adjusted based on material thickness. An automatic back gauge and adjustable rear stop are included.

The RBD-4HL 2050/8 is a heavy-duty four-roll plate roll series that handles materials up to 0.3" thick and 80" wide. It offers overload protection, hydraulic movement of top and side rolls and a sturdy welded steel frame. The teach-in mode allows operators to record and automate bending processes.

The HPA-P press brakes have steel welded H-Frames with adjustable table heights. They are easy to operate with two hand control and come with a top punch and a 5V die for air bending. The HPA-P presses can be sized to fit most shop floor requirements and are in stock and ready to ship.

The HBS 230 DG and 440 DG semi-automatic dual mitering bandsaws provide 9" or 17" capacity, a coolant system, quick-action vise and variable blade speed and down feed control. Blade changes are simplified with the hydro-mechanical blade tensioning system, and the HBS 440 DG has a digital readout for angle precision.

The PBM 50 DRO features foot-pedal control of the chain-driven bottom dies, with position displayed on a DRO. The upper die is manually adjustable to determine rolling diameter. It is suitable for bending square, flat and angle iron and can accommodate custom dies for unique profiles. Suited for smaller job shops and prototyping, it offers vertical and horizontal operation capabilities.

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