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CNC Carbide Cold Saws

The #9684482 CNC Carbide Saw from Palmgren is designed for cutting diameters up to 4" in length and has the durability to handle thousands of parts, the company reported.

Incorporating advanced metalcutting technology into its line of cold saws, the CNC Carbide Saw from Palmgren provides full automation for intricate and precise, fast cuts.

"The saws can cut more parts per hour as well as more parts per blade than any other standard saw on the market," said a company spokesperson. "In addition, its heavy-duty construction, combined with the CNC control, means greater rigidity with reduced vibration at higher cutting rates. The Carbide Cold Saws stand out for their exceptional accuracy, superior surface finish and increased blade life."

For more information contact:

Palmgren - a C.H. Hanson Brand

2000 N Aurora Road

Naperville, IL 60563


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