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Horizontal Dual Column Band Saws

Cosen Saws C-520NC is a part of Cosen's extensive line of fully automatic horizontal dual column band saws.

"The C-520 is built with quality in mind and features a heavy-duty gantry-type dual column design, which has made it one of Cosen's most reliable saws over the years," said a company spokesperson. "The heavy-duty dual column design keeps the blade at a consistent angle to the material at all times. In return, this creates equal force through the entire cutting cycle, which increases the cutting efficiency and helps preserve the blade."

The C-520NC has a round capacity of 20.5" and a rectangular capacity of 20.5" x 22". It also incorporates a powerful 10 HP blade motor, a 2" wide blade and Cosen's Smart NC-100 controls. With SNC-100 controls, the saw is programmable up to 100 different jobs, including quantity and cut length, and can index up to 999" worth of material. The controls automatically compensate for kerf loss after data input and requires no manual calculations for the number of times to index.

Cosen's Save-a-Blade feature is also included and will help protect the blade from damage and allow it to last longer. With Save-a-Blade, once the cut is complete, the rear vise will retract slightly in order to reduce friction and wear on the blade. All of this can be viewed and managed on the easy to use 5.7" HMI touchscreen located on the independent control panel.

This saw is also equipped with Cosen Saws proprietary V_Drive technology. V_Drive helps the saw allow for cutting harder material faster and maintaining blade life. This technology comes built into the saw helps achieve tighter tolerances and cleaner cuts. When cutting material like titanium, Hastelloy or other nickel-based materials, V_Drive offers the ability to cut these harder materials at increased rates.

Made to be able to cut larger materials, the saw features a solid, heavy duty base capable of absorbing any vibration. This provides greater accuracy and extends blade life. All of the features and technology of the C-520NC create a rigid and dynamically stable saw, making it suited for high-volume production shops that want to increase their cutting capabilities, the company reported.

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