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EDM Offers Speed and Accuracy

GF Machining Solutions offers the AgieCharmilles CUT X 500, featuring optimized mechanics, 3D printed lower head design and thermal management for increased precision and surface quality. The machine's new Uniqua interface makes it easy for operators from beginners to experts to control and program.

The Uniqua HMI for wire-cutting EDM machines offers functionality and ergonomics in a 19" touchscreen, full keyboard and mouse. Uniqua builds on the functionality and usability of previous ISO and Dynamic (Vision) HMIs and is designed for every skill level.

For greater flexibility, the CUT X 500 also features a new wire circuit with a twin wire plate. Twin-wire technology allows for the use of larger diameter wire for faster main cuts and thinner diameter wire to finish small features, such as inside corners. For unattended production, two identical wire spools maintain longer continuous operations. Whereas, two wires of identical diameters but with different coatings can optimize the speed of the main cut and reduce contamination in finishing passes.

A cartridge-based interchangeable guide system makes it easy to exchange open and closed guides to provide the right technology for various applications. Reduced distance from guide to workpiece improves wire stability for higher accuracy. The CUT X 500 is automation ready, with retractable 3D probing, an integrated Z-axis touch probe and Automatic Slug Management (ASM) system, all designed to eliminate manual intervention.

With advanced thermal management based on artificial intelligence (AI), the machine adjusts axis positions automatically to react to temperature and humidity. To protect machine and workpieces, advanced collision protection uses eight strain-gauge sensors in the upper head and lower head arm to halt machine axes in the event of a collision. After which, the CUT X 500 requires only wire alignment to restart work, reducing downtime.

The CUT X 500 incorporates X-Technologies to deliver programming simplicity, part accuracy and speedy productivity with an extensive database of cutting technologies. Automatic Wire Threading (AWT), an integrated wire chopper and the twin wire spools simplify wire management for accuracy and speed with longer periods of unattended operation. With the additional Spark Track technology, the Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS) adjusts spark energy to prevent wire breakage and maintain optimal cutting speeds.

Enhanced ergonomics make the CUT X 500 easy to operate and maintain. With motor-driven automatic doors and full access to the work area and all consumables, the machine offers convenient set-up in a footprint-minimizing design.

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