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Dashboard Inventory Actions Help Resolve Discrepancies

Gather AI's drone-powered inventory monitoring solution is designed to help warehouse operators decrease inventory costs, improve productivity and boost revenue.

With Gather AI's solution, inventory drones can fly through a warehouse, photograph pallet locations, then compare the bar codes, text and images with the warehouse management system (WMS).

The Gather AI dashboard helps warehouse teams find and fix inventory exceptions. They can review a list of exceptions on their dashboard, scroll through each one, view the picture of the pallet location and determine what needs to happen next, including fixing the information in their WMS. All of this can be done at their desk instead of walking through their warehouse. The new inventory actions function allows teams to categorize specific actions to be taken and filter those to create their to-do list.

Inventory actions help teams improve their productivity and track what has been corrected so they know when an exception has been resolved. Gather AI's product is deployed in warehouses across third-party logistics, retail distribution, manufacturing and more.

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