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Scaled Down Foldable Crane

Air Technical Industries has developed a scaled-down version of the Truck-Mounted Foldable Crane (TMF). The original model TMF-2000 features a boom that folds all the way down into the crane mast, fitting neatly within the mounting base dimensions. The latest addition to the family provides for shorter reaches and lighter capacity, while still maintaining the folding design and heavy-duty construction.

The Truck-Mounted Foldable Crane is designed to mount on a truck bed or trailer for field service work, maintenance or simply loading and unloading applications. It can also be mounted to the shop floor for assembly or positioning operations or installed on machines for loading parts. When needed, the boom pops out of the mast and is ready for use in moments. When not in use, the boom folds down completely to eliminate any potential interference or obstruction from the boom, provide some protection from the elements and maximize the truck bed or floor space around the crane.

The model TMF-1000 folds down to 48" overall height, has a manual extension boom that reaches from 43" to 70" horizontal, with lift height up to 8.5'. It can lift 1,000 lbs. with the boom retracted and 500 lbs. with the boom extended. Standard operation is manual hydraulic hand pump with free mast rotation on a robust slew bearing. The free-rotation feature includes a screw-operated friction brake. The crane is customizable with 120 VAC single-phase, 12 VDC battery or air-over-hydraulic lift operation. It can also be equipped with a manual hand crank or electric cable winch. Extra base plates are available so that one crane can be detached from its base and moved to a different location or vehicle.

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