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Diamond Wheels Feature New Grain Technology

Norton Winter Paradigm Plus

Norton Winter G-Force Plus

Saint-Gobain Abrasives offers Norton Winter Paradigm Plus Diamond Grinding Wheels featuring a new premium grain technology complementing the established proprietary, patented brittle-metal bond, resulting in a significant upgrade in performance on carbide round tools for fluting and gashing applications, and periphery grinding on carbide and cermet inserts grinding, the company reported.

"Paradigm Plus wheels are the next generation of the popular Paradigm wheels and are in the Norton 'Best Tier' of products," said a company spokesperson. "New grain technology, together with a new advanced lightweight core, produces lower specific cutting energy with a 25% to 50% higher material removal rate (MRR) and provides significantly improved wheel life when compared with current Paradigm wheels."

The spokesperson continued, "The resin-based core, available for round tool grinding, is over 75% lighter and eliminates the risk of sparks while reducing chipping, breakage and chatter for better finishing in round tool applications. The Paradigm bond, which combines the wear resistance of a metal bonded wheel with the ease of profiling in a vitrified bonded wheel, has up to 46% porosity, enabling improved coolant flow for cooler cutting and reduced part burning, allowing for truing and dressing."

Norton also offers Winter G-Force Plus Next Generation Diamond Wheels. Offered in the Norton "Better Tier" primarily for grinding round tools in fluting and gashing applications, Norton Winter G-Force Plus Next Generation Diamond Wheels feature new premium grain technology with lower normal forces and higher performance, which is complemented by an improved hybrid bond technology providing significant improvement ranging from a 25% to 50% increased MRR and longer wheel life when compared with current G-Force wheels, the company reported.

"New G-Force Plus Wheels offer higher feedrates and reduced cycle times, resulting in more parts per dress and reduced process costs," said the spokesperson. "Improved edge holding, better part quality and surface finish are all key benefits of the new wheels. G-Force Plus Wheels provide cooler cutting when grinding a range of heat- and wear-resistant materials."

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