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High-Speed Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine

"Manufacturing is continuously evolving, and along with it comes the ever-increasing demand for higher accuracy and improved productivity," said a Danobat spokesperson. "Industries such as automotive and eMobility, hydraulics, bearings, medical, energy and others rely heavily on the ability of machine tool builders to manufacture components with outstanding accuracies, surface finishes and throughput. Danobat's LG high-speed universal cylindrical grinding machine has innovative features engineered to meet these requirements."

The LG features a natural granite bed to provide high accuracy and thermal stability. The granite bed minimizes vibrations and helps ensure consistent performance even in demanding applications. "This stability is crucial for achieving the tight tolerances required for applications such as hip joints, motor and pump shafts or spool valves, where even the slightest deviation can lead to performance degradation or failure," said the spokesperson.

Another feature of the LG series is its adaptability and versatility. Using conventional or high-speed grinding, the LG can be equipped with multiple OD and ID direct drive grinding spindles, combining conventional abrasives with CBN or diamond grinding wheels. "This versatility makes it a cost-effective solution for manufacturers with diverse needs and positions the universal LG as a long-term investment that can evolve along with the demands of a company," said the spokesperson.

The LG series offers several technological advantages that add value to operations, helping companies become more competitive, Danobat reported. These efficiency-enhancing technologies include:

  • Linear motors in X- and Z-axis eliminate the need to exchange ball screws.
  • Automatic and programmable moving tailstocks to accommodate different part lengths, including automatic taper adjustment capabilities.
  • Synchronized tailstocks for shaft-type parts eliminate the need for complex part driving systems and the need to turn the workpiece around.
  • Integrated measuring systems include in-process, post-process and match grinding measuring systems, touch probes and noncontact measuring units, such as lasers.
  • CNC steady rests, including automatic steady rests, can be programmed automatically for each part type.
  • An additional W-axis parallel to the workpiece axis is suited as a mounting base for added features and functionalities, such as steady rests and in-process, multidiameter measuring units.
  • Automatic taper adjustment is processed through machine control or operated manually via pushbutton.

The LG series can operate without human intervention for extended periods through Danobat's Quickmotion integrated loaders, Flexmotion integrated robots, third-party feeding systems or turn-key automated systems. These systems reduce labor costs and enhance efficiency by minimizing downtime between workpieces.

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