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MQL Efficiency Added to powRgrip Toolholding System

REGO-FIX has added minimum quality lubrication (MQL) machining to its powRgrip (PG) toolholding system. Doing so reduces coolant consumption and shortens cycle times for improved production and tool life.

MQL machining is a clean, sustainable manufacturing technique that directs an aerosol of compressed air and a minimal amount of cutting oil (<50 ml/h) directly to the cutting area. In addition to reducing coolant consumption, MQL machining has been shown to reduce cycle times by 25-85%, improve chip evacuation for better surface finishes and tolerances while also increasing tool life, the company reported.

The REGO-FIX standardized MQL PG collets are designed for tool shanks according to DIN 69090-3 and available for HSK-A 63 and HSK-E 40 toolholders. They are designed for machines using one-channel, internal through-spindle MQL systems and are beneficial for virtually any machining application, according to the company.

"In many cases, chamber and cross-section areas within a toolholding system create turbulence that causes an irregular air/coolant mix ratio in the aerosol," said a company spokesperson. "However, the REGO-FIX PG MQL solution uses a coolant tube fitted with a lance that directs the mixture through the collet and directly to the tool for efficient, reliable coolant distribution at the lowest consumption rate."

MQL PG collets combine the efficiency and performance of MQL through-spindle cooling and lubrication with standard innovative features that further enhance the PG toolholding system. Without the use of heat or hydraulics, PG toolsetting units apply up to 1,100 Nm of clamping torque with a hydraulic press to accomplish tool changeouts in under 10 seconds for complete operator safety. The PG holder and collet provide excellent vibration damping and will maintain total indicated runout (TIR) of less than 0.0001" through five years or 20,000 cycles with no erosion of impregnated surface treatment, the company reported.

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