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Solid Carbide Drills

Iscar recently released a new line of solid carbide drills with the intended purpose of providing a performance based competitively priced line of common sized drills for general purpose use. They were initially offered in 3xD and 5xD drilling depths, which are commonly referred to as screw length and jobber length drills.

Since the introduction of the Flash Solid Drills, there have been requests from the market for drilling deeper. Iscar has answered the call and will be expanding the Solid Flash line to now include drilling depths to 8xD. The line is offered in a range from 1/8" diameter to 3/4" diameter in 31 common fractional and number sizes. There is also a selection of 116 metric sizes ranging from 3.0 mm to 20 mm diameter. This includes 0.1 mm increments from 3.0 mm to 14.0 mm.

The entire Flash Solid Drill line (including the 3xD and 5xD drilling depths) features internal coolant passages compatible with general purpose through spindle coolant machines as well as high pressures systems and minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) systems. Flash Solid Drills feature a double margin for added stability in cutting operations in a wide variety of materials. The IC608 grade features a submicron grain size substrate with an AlTiCrSiN PVD coating. They are recommended for use in ISO-P carbon and alloy steels (P10-P20), martensitic, ferritic, austenitic and duplex stainless steels (M10-M20), grey, nodular and malleable cast irons (K10-K25), iron, nickel and cobalt based high temperature alloys as well as titanium alloys (S10-S25) and hardened steel and chilled cast iron (H15-H25) material ranges. They can also be applied to most materials in the ISO-N material group including wrought and cast aluminum, copper alloys and nonmetallic plastics.

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