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All-in-One CNC Turning Center with Y-axis

"Small job shops and big OEM operators share the same ongoing challenge: the need for reliability and productivity at scale, in short order. Murata Machinery USA's answer-the Muratec MWR120 series industry-first turning center-blends precision processing with versatility in a small footprint," said a company spokesperson.

With a design based on automation at its core, Muratec's MWR120 series is a first-of-its-kind, front-facing, horizontal twin spindle CNC live tool chucker lathe equipped with Y-axis function, the company reported.

Key features of the MWR120 series include Y-axis stroke of +/- 60 mm, direct drive with no gearboxes for less power loss, and 8,000 RPM live tooling in all stations. The built-in gantry automation is also available with a choice of single or dual gantries, depending on processing needs.

The MWR120 enables work processing with complex shapes by incorporating Y-axis and live tooling function. This combination accelerates its multitasking of complex shapes from raw to finished parts without changeovers or the need for secondary operations.

An integrated robotic gantry loader enables unmanned workpiece handling, maximizing the machine's efficiencies for optimal uptime.

"With the compact body of Muratec's MW series and the collective processing capabilities of the MT series, the MWR120 represents an expansion and evolution of the production possibilities for the twin spindle CNC turning center," said the spokesperson.

"Muratec's standard integrated robotic gantry loader automation, along with the introduction of the Y-axis capability from both turrets, empowers the MWR120 to help job shops alleviate their headcount challenges," said Kenneth G. Brewer, Sales & Distribution Manager, Machine Tools Division-Turning. "Due to its design, the MWR120 enhances the multitasking of technical operations for manufacturers of all sizes. From a small job shop to a full-fledged production house, the MWR120 supports a total production environment in a single machine."

The MWR120 has two 10 station turrets, an X-axis stroke of 190 mm, a Y-axis stroke of ±60 mm, a Z-axis stroke of 200 mm and a maximum spindle speed of 6,000 RPM. The machine's width is 2,490 mm and its depth is 1,800 mm.

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