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5-Axis VMC with 25.6" Trunnion

"Being able to have full access to machine every work surface, other than the mounted and registered base of the workpiece, is one of the major advantages of 5-axis machining," said an Expand Machinery spokesperson. "The accurate relationship of those machined surfaces is guaranteed since there is no loss of accuracy through multiple set-ups. Some of the benefits of 5-axis machining are shorter tool extensions for enhanced cutting conditions, improved part dimensional quality and faster throughputs and the ability to machine more complex workpiece features. These benefits provide a significant competitive advantage and increases productivity. Lower cycle times and costs are achieved because more material can be removed with each tool pass. Better surface finishes result by using the 5-axis capabilities on workpiece contoured geometry."

The 5X-24 5-axis CNC milling machine from Expand Machinery features a 25.6" worm-gear driven tilting rotary table and precision glass scale feedback in the XYZ axes as well as the rotary B and C axes. The 15,000 RPM direct-drive beltless spindle features the advanced dual-contact BIG-PLUS feature that puts both the tool flange and the flange face in positive contact for an accurate tool registration for improved tool rigidity, tool length repeatability, reduced tool runout, enhanced cutting rigidity and extended tool life. The 300 PSI through-the-tool coolant system is a standard feature. A spindle chiller is supplied to control thermal growth to help ensure consistent machine accuracy, and the spindle bearings are air purged to prevent the ingress of coolant and chips.

"The three XYZ linear axes feature a larger bearing contact surface provided by the cross-roller bearing ways that feature twice the preload offered by ball-bearing ways and yields greater accuracy, improved rigidity, superior load capacity, excellent crash safety and increased operational life," said the spokesperson. The rapid traverse rates in the XYZ axes are 1,417 IPM. The high-speed twin-arm tool changer features 60 CAT#40 tools and has a tool change time of 1.9 seconds. The extended tool count allows for the redundant tooling to make use of the tool life management system to further enhance the productive capability of the 5X-24 machine.

"The Mitsubishi M830 high-performance CNC control has the power and speed to handle demanding 5-axis machining and features a 32 GB solid state data server and a 270,000 block-per-minute processing speed and 2,700 block look-ahead with proprietary Nano Smoothing Technology," said the spokesperson. "The Super Smooth Surface Control capability solves the problem of creating a smooth tool path from programs that have a string of small straight-line segments by blending them into smooth lines and curves, while also reducing cycle times by up to 20% by reducing unneeded acceleration and deceleration time."

The Mitsubishi 830 allows the editing of three programs on the 15" monitor at one time, so operators can compare programs side-by-side and open the programs from the data server, the SD card or the USB stick. This saves the time from switching back and forth between programs. Restarting the program can be done in a variety of circumstances. The most common would be after a tool breakage. The control remembers exactly where it left off in the program. Do a simple M/S/T history and the user chooses where to restart. This function also works after power outages. Operators can also visually choose a spot in the program to start from by simply tapping the section, then press INPUT. Automatic power shut-down is one of the many additional features that this control provides.

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