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Direct Inspection of Bores and Grooves

Direct inspection of bores and grooves is possible with Knaebel's IET transducer, an inductive built-in transducer of ultra-compact size. "While the original IET measured only 5 mm x 5 mm x 15 mm, making it the world's smallest transducer, Knaebel's new Micro-Probe measures only 4 mm x 4 mm x 12 mm, opening up even more applications for direct inspection," said a Euro-Tech Corporation spokesperson. Euro-Tech Corporation is the exclusive North American distributor of Knaebel.

The Micro-Probe is compatible to the IET standard (half-bridge) with a measurement range of +/-100 µm. Single integration and several probe tips are available. All Knaebel IETs are composed of a basic body equipped with a coil system and spring-loaded rocker carrying the sensing element. The design of the rocker offers a variety of measuring capabilities. The sensing elements range from hard metal over ruby and silicium nitride to silicium carbide. "It is free from mechanical friction and hysteresis, making it suitable for highly dynamic measuring tasks," said the spokesperson.

The IET is available as a stand-alone element or as a complete design and build service.

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