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Pioneer Metal Finishing Launches Surface Engineering Academy

Pioneer Metal Finishing, LLC has announced the launch of Surface Engineering Academy (SEA), an expert-level resource for surface engineering and modification advancement.

"We are very excited to launch SEA as part of our ongoing efforts to help our customers optimize the performance of their products," said Kevin Stevick, CEO of Pioneer. "Given the complexity, breadth and development of surface modification options, our goal is to create a technically focused venue that helps to drive continuous improvement in this important category."

SEA's focus on surface engineering and modification stems from the goal of furthering the development and application of optimized product surfaces. "While not a new category, the use of legacy technologies, such as anodizing, plating, adhesives and coatings, continues an important evolution to meet the needs of users," said a company spokesperson. "This, coupled with further utilization of Thin Film Deposition and new surface modification technologies, has significantly expanded the options for solving tribological, adhesive application and corrosion protection challenges, among others."

"SEA is designed by our operations and product development teams," said Scott Kettler, COO of Pioneer. "It offers a peer-to-peer, technologist-to-technologist platform to further surface technology development, increase operational efficiencies and share insights and industry best practices. The surface modification space offers great potential for improving the performance of mission-critical products. We are excited to be a part of these important development efforts."

The academy's centralized platform offers expert-level surface engineering and operational resources in a variety of media formats. With a focus on technology development and optimization, SEA provides users with access to webinars, expert panel sessions, white papers, how-to handbooks, technical articles and technology development resources.

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