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Second Generation Hand-Held LIBS Analyzer

The handheld KT-100S analyzer provides durable and accurate metal alloy identification for use in industrial environments. The KT-100S is an upgrade to the previous version for use in more difficult applications, such as recycling, fabrication, aerospace, automotive and refineries, especially for the analysis and separation of most non-ferrous alloys.

Designed to fill the performance and feature gaps of traditional analysis methods, the KT-100S offers improved solutions for convenient, on-the-spot identification of the most difficult alloys. By incorporating a second-generation spectrometer that produces higher throughput and better resolution, the user can expect better detection limits and the ability to analyze more alloys. This includes better precision for low alloy steels, stainless steels, as well as high temperature alloys and the added detection of lithium (Li).

Because the KT Series of hand-held laser induced breakdown spectrometer (LIBS) analyzers utilizes a laser excitation source, there is minimal to no regulatory licensing requirements.

The hand-held KT-100S LIBS analyzer delivers accurate identification of popular grades of stainless steel, nickel and titanium alloys.

"KT-100S has passed rigorous durability tests in the harshest environments," said a company spokesperson. "To guarantee protection, KT-100S underwent strict testing to the United States Military Standard 810-G. These tests involved rigorous vibration, shock and drop testing to evaluate its durability and performance when exposed to environmental stress. In addition, its IP-54 rating and safety window protect against dusty and wet environments. As the first handheld analyzer to have passed these tests, it is optimized for rugged use. Thus, KT-100S reduces downtime and costs associated to instrument repair known to be common for traditional handheld metal analyzers."

Key features of the KT-100S:

  • Excellent ergonomics and simple software interface
  • Identifies light elements, as well as any base alloy with a 2-4 second analysis time
  • Built for the toughest environment with MIL-STD 810G certification
  • No X-ray radiation exposure
  • Long battery life.

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