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March 2018

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Aleris Expands Its Facility in North America
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Performance-Driven Digital Readout System
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The Whittemore Co. Expands Territory to Include Kansas Missouri
Yuasa International to Celebrate Grand Opening of New England Office
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Performance-Driven Digital Readout System

HEIDENHAIN's ACU-RITE brand has launched a new line digital readout (DRO) products with new software features and robust hardware. This line of three DROs is designed for milling, turning, grinding and boring applications.

ACU-RITE's models DRO100/203/300 support innovative software features such as an "Installation Guide" that appears at first-time power up. Another new feature is "Dynamic Zoom," where once activated, the display values for the axis currently being moved are maximally enlarged. The user can immediately see which axis is currently in motion and can also easily read the numerical value from a greater distance.

On the hardware side, a 7" TFT color display that optimizes the readability (brightness, color, resolution and the viewing angle) of the information displayed is now being used. Each readout is housed with a robust powder-coated, die-cast aluminum housing.

The DRO100 uses a membrane keyboard. The mid-range DRO203 and high-end DRO300 provide a rubber keypad.

Encoders with a TTL interface (differential and single-ended) can be connected via a 9-pin D-sub connector. The power supply is built-in. Each of the new units feature a VESA MIS 100 interface on the back that allows for mounting with standardized brackets. Data interface can be done through USB Type-C.

Other new software features common to all include:

  • User management: In the DRO203/300, a simple user management system has been introduced in order to make it easier for multiple users to operate the unit. Up to nine users can store their personal settings with a user number and then call them at will. It is not necessary to enter a password. The machine setter can reset all the users.
  • File management: Users can save and/or load firmware, configuration files, error compensation tables, tool tables, graphic files and instruction manuals.
  • Day and night switchover: The main screen can be switched to a brighter or a darker background, depending on the lighting conditions at the machine.
  • Highlighted display: As a simple means of graphically highlighting the axis currently in motion, the display value of the axes not being moved can be dimmed.


This unit has been designed with the aim of meeting future demand for functional yet very simple digital readouts that can be easily understood by the operator. The range of functions has been kept to a minimum. A temporary zero point can be set. Change the units (mm/inch), switch from radius to diameter and choose between incremental and absolute positioning.


This series will only include one 3-axis variant. The mid-range product offers all the basic functions of the entry level DRO100 plus common features for milling and turning applications, such as bolt-hole calculations for milling and vectoring/ taper ratio for turning.


In addition to all of the functionality of the DRO203, the high-end model is designed for even greater functionality. It is available in 3- and 4-axis variants and is programmable. The DRO300 is the only unit offering the connector for external switching functions. The IOB610 has been developed and can execute position-dependent switching (CFI) or maintain a continuous surface cutting speed (CSS) on a turning machine.

One innovation is the option of expanding the DRO300 to serve as a 6-axis digital readout. This will require the IB2X, which provides connectivity for two additional encoders.

If the milling application requires an edge finder, then the KT 130 (and only this edge finder) can be connected and run in tandem to the IOB610 or the IB2X.

For more information contact:

HEIDENHAIN Corporation

333 E. State Parkway

Schaumburg, IL 60173-5337


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