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Two New Standard CNC Features Released

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has introduced two new standard features for its M8 series CNC controls: Remote Desktop Connection and Interactive Cycle Insertion.

Remote Desktop Connection is a function that enables users to operate an external personal computer screen through the NC screen via an Ethernet connection. The personal computer needs an UltraVNC server installed on it for this function to work. Once installed, the files on the PC can be accessed via the CNC, allowing access to programs such as CAD/CAM software to allow operators to work on or verify their designs at the machine. Users can operate probe software on a remote PC without leaving the NC screen. With this function users can check their email without having to go back to their office. The choice of how the function is applied is completely up to the user. Remote Desktop Connection is available on all of M8 series CNC controls, except Windows based controls, the M800W and M80W.

Interactive Cycle Insertion is an icon based programming method that lets customers choose and customize the cycles or features directly into their G-code program through the edit screen. This function allows an operator who is not as skilled in G-code programming to add features to a part such as drill a hole, tap, create a pocket, etc., with simple to understand variables that the operator inputs. Editing in the cycle is easily accomplished when a change in the program is needed, as long as the cycle format is not changed. An advantage of this feature is because a cycle can be programmed directly on the edit screen using icons versus typing out the entire G-code, the amount of time needed to program is shortened. Both turning and milling features are included to suit specific machine type. On lathes, more complicated functions that require live tooling are also included. Interactive Cycle insertion is available on all M8 series CNC controls.

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