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CNC Control Kits

Centroid has announced an all new CNC controller kit aimed at the OEM and do-it-yourself (DIY) CNC control builder called the Acorn CNC controller. "The Acorn CNC controller is a 4-axis CNC control system that combines Centroid's CNC12 CNC control software and offers the DIY user industrial grade CNC features, options and performance at an entry level DIY price point," said a company spokesperson. Both mill and lathe CNC software are included with the Acorn CNC control kit. Acorn is both a CNC hardware and CNC software solution. The CNC control board hardware and CNC12 control software are included with the kit along with a logic power supply and hookup cables.

"The Acorn control hardware was designed from the ground up to work in conjunction with Centroid's CNC control software, eliminating typical hardware/software incompatibility issues found on other DIY systems," said the spokesperson. The Acorn controller connects to a Windows 10 PC via Ethernet for PC to CNC hardware communication. The Acorn controller can command most all servo motors and drive packages as well as stepper motors and drives since the Acorn outputs industry standard Step and Direction drive command signals. "Many features are available with Acorn not found on other DIY CNC controller in its price range such as: Rigid Tapping, Constant Surface Speed, Threading, Threadmilling, Profiling with auto clean out, Conversational Programming, Industry Standard G- and M-codes, Automatic Tool Height Measurement, Part/Fixture probing and 2-D and 3-D digitizing." The Acorn CNC12 software is available in three price and feature levels "Free", "Pro" and "Ultimate".

The "Free" CNC12 software is designed for the DIY hobbyist and educational classroom while the "Pro" level offers more industrial type features and capabilities. The "Ultimate" is geared towards users who want to digitize and reverse engineer 2-D parts and 3-D objects.

The Acorn control board is also equipped with a Legacy DB25 connector so users looking to upgrade older CNC control systems based on the old Mach3 parallel port connection can easily do so with plug & play compatibility with Acorn.

The Acorn CNC control does not rely on the PC CPU or Windows for the critical machine tool motion control. It has its own dedicated high speed CNC motion control CPU for continuous, non-interrupted machine tool motion. The Acorn also can command a variable frequency drive (VFD) with its built in 0-10 vdc analog output for spindle motor control. Acorn also has an encoder port on-board for spindle encoder feedback for machine tools that require for real time RPM display as well as rigid tapping, threading and CSS capabilities.

The Acorn CNC control can be run in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-axis modes and comes with an easy CNC control configuration wizard, which allows first time CNC control builders to quickly configure the Acorn CNC to the machine tool.

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