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Productive and Flexible Marking

The TruMark 5050, a fiber marking laser with an adjustable pulse length, is flexible and able to process a diverse range of materials.

High beam quality and high average power make the TruMark 5050 a suitable laser for engravings. Short pulses enable precise energy input for accurate marking, while longer pulse durations increase the productivity of the system. It is also possible to increase productivity with an optional dual head system. Using two scanners, two parts can be processed simultaneously.

"Operating in the infrared range (1,062 nm), and with an adjustable pulse duration from 7 to 500 ns, the TruMark 5050 is able to cover a broad spectrum of applications and across many industries, including medical, electronics, automotive and precision machining," said a company spokesperson. "It economically processes conventional metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper, and produces high-quality results when deep engraving these materials. The combination of high average power, differing pulse shapes and variable pulse duration also makes the TruMark 5050 attractive for micro-processing, for example, cutting films and foils."

With a compact processing head and plug & play connections, the TruMark 5050 can be integrated into new and existing manufacturing systems without difficulty. The laser is also protected against dust and is water resistant - making it suitable for an industrial environment.

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