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Automated Material Handling and Storage

"The Bystronic ByTrans Extended compact material handling system yields greater profits through higher machine utilization, expanded operations and reduced labor requirements. Loading and unloading takes just 60 seconds so that the system is always faster than the shortest cutting plan. The short cycle time is independent of the thickness of the metal sheet and ensures greater overall throughput," said a company spokesperson. It easily integrates into any ByVision controlled machine.

Process Consistency and Improved Material Flow

Available in three sizes with 11, 8 and 6 material cassette spaces, the compact ByTower material storage tower can be fitted in a modular way to the ByTrans Extended so that cutting capabilities of the Bystronic laser cutting equipment can further expand depending on the customer's requirements. ByTower improves material flow to the laser and maintains process consistency by making raw materials ready to cut as soon as the laser requires them. Cut parts can be stored onto a cassette in the tower for increased unattended operations or can be made immediately available for direct unloading.

Benefits include:

  • Shuttle table is automatically loaded and unloaded and the entire system better utilized
  • Frequently used materials are immediately available because they are stored directly next to the machine
  • Lightly-manned parts production can be realized to a high degree
  • Shuttle table is freely accessible
  • Flexible and simple to operate - storing of raw material and removal of processed sheets is easy using a fork lift truck; return transfer of cut sheets is automatic by the system.

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