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Plant to Plant Transport System

Green Valley's customer needed a solution to send parts between two plants to reduce fork truck and semi traffic, minimize labor and to keep parts dry and safe. Green Valley developed the Titan 153777 wire guided covered transport system as a solution.

The transporters can be easily loaded and sent from building to building with Green Valley's in-ground wire loop, frequency generator and Home and Away Control Stations driven by AC gear motors. Products can be loaded from opposing buildings or dually loaded and sent from the same plant depending on production needs. Green Valley engineered the system to tie into the existing loading docks and PitBull restraints, which not only reduced project costs but also allows outside semi traffic to share the use of the docks with the transporters.

These units were designed for a 6,000 lb. load but Green Valley is offering free ranging, wire guided and rail transport systems in the +200,000 lb. range. Green Valley offers manual, radio controlled, wired and automatically guided systems.

Features include:

  • Battery powered, inverter controlled AC drive motor
  • Safety collision sensors
  • Auto-charging battery sequence
  • Automatically guided by wire with RFID sequencing for docking
  • Vinyl pull down doors on each end
  • Made in USA.

For more information contact:

Green Valley Manufacturing of Illinois, Inc.

100 Green Valley Drive

Mt. Zion, IL 62549


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