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Optimized Material, Data Flow for Tire Manufacturers

In order to meet customer demands and service expectations, more and more tire suppliers are shifting their manufacturing and distribution from manual to automated systems. Automation provides tire manufacturers the opportunity to improve the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process, achieve 100% traceability and accuracy, all while reducing costs, reducing the production footprint and increasing output by 100%.

For tire manufacturers looking to automate, Cimcorp, a manufacturer and integrator of turn-key robotic gantry-based order fulfillment and tire-handling solutions, offers its Dream Factory approach.

The Dream Factory is a fully automated handling solution for tire manufacturing and distribution. The solution uses robot technology for handling and buffer storage, integrated with warehousing and material handling systems, to create a single, end-to-end solution. Intelligent manufacturing execution and warehouse control software manage the material and process flow with real-time data for production and inventory management.

"The end-to-end material handling solution includes an optimized layout design that utilizes 50% less floor space than conventional solutions and handles raw materials and compound products," said a company spokesperson. "Additionally, it has the capability to integrate with shipping trailers, conveyor systems, automatic tire identification systems, AGV systems and other specialty equipment and can generate cost savings of up to 50% by simplifying the material flow. Also, the system is designed to increase production capacity through availability of all materials at all process machines."

Notably, the Dream Factory solution can be implemented in not only newly constructed (Greenfield) warehouses, but also in existing (Brownfield) facilities that still use manual processes. It minimizes capital investment for Greenfield sites through optimized layout design, while allowing for more efficient use of space and increased capacity within given building constraints in Brownfield sites.

Recently, Cimcorp redesigned the Dream Factory's tire orientation device, used to orientate eco-friendly green tires for the curing process, to be lighter and more energy efficient. The new device handles green tires more precisely and gently and can recognize different tire sizes so handling is optimized.

It is designed as an independent system component, including the handling device, controller and infeed and outfeed conveyors. In this way, it can operate independently and easily integrate into bigger systems. This will reduce the time needed for the engineering, production and installation of the equipment.

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