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TITAN Building Blocks Series

TITANS of CNC: Academy offers its TITAN's Building Blocks, an educational build series designed for 3-axis mills. The objective of this 10-part series is to teach students how to design, program and complete parts that meet print specifications.

TITANS of CNC: Academy provides the resources to complete 10 parts. Each part built in the series has four steps:

  • Design a solid part model in CAD software from a dimensioned print.
  • Program the solid part model in CAM software.
  • Load, verify and run the program on a CNC machine to complete the part.
  • Inspect the machined part and complete a first article inspection report.

Resources provided by the TITANS of CNC: Academy include a dimensioned print for each part in the series and a step-by-step tutorial to guide the student through the process of designing the solid part model.

Students who complete the Building Blocks series will learn the following CNC machining fundamentals:

  • Blueprint reading
  • Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Metrology
  • Designing with advanced 3-D CAD software
  • Programming with advanced 3-D CAM software
  • Full set-up and operation of a CNC machine
  • Knowledge of fundamental tooling needed in CNC machining.

All Building Block CNC projects are machined from a 1" x 2" rectangle of 6061-T6 Al and use a standardized list of 16 tools.

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