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Increased Speed and Precision in Latest Control

FANUC America Corporation has introduced enhancements to the FANUC Series 30i/31i/32i - MODEL B CNC controls. The new enhancements will bring additional speed and precision to one of the world's most advanced CNC systems.

The FANUC Series 30i-B and 31i-B are outfitted with a new CPU card (Card D) that lowers the BPT (Block Processing Time) performance from 0.4 msec in the previous version to 0.2 msec with the Card D. The high-performance Card D is used with the Series 32i-B. It lowers the BPT from 1 msec to 0.4 msec. The new Card D also increases the part program storage from 8 MB to 32 MB.

The Series 31i-B and 32i-B also benefit from an increase in the number of paths and axes they can control. The 31i-B increased the maximum number of paths from four to six and the maximum number of spindle axes has grown from six to eight. For the Series 32i-B, the number of servo axes has grown from 10 to 12 and the number of spindle axes has grown from six to eight.

FANUC is also introducing improvements to its line of multi-axis servo amplifiers with new models in the ai-SV-B series 200V amplifiers and ßiSVSP-B 400V amplifiers. The new models are significantly smaller in size requiring less cabinet space while delivering the same performance and reliability that FANUC is known for.

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FANUC America Corporation

3900 West Hamlin Rd.

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888-FANUC-US (326-8287)

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