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Painting and Coating Robot Sands, Washes Aircraft Fuselage

FANUC America Corporation has introduced the P-350iA/45 painting and coating robot capable of sanding, washing and drying an aircraft fuselage or other large metal object.

The new P-350iA/45 robot can be equipped with a sanding tool to sand an aircraft fuselage. An example of this process is: at the start of the cycle, the robot will automatically change the sandpaper pad. Upon completion of sanding, the robot connects to a washing applicator and simulates a wash routine. It can then make a second pass to dry the fuselage with compressed air.

The new FANUC P-350iA/45 intelligent robot is one in a series of painting robots offered by FANUC since 1982. Designed for a variety of applications including painting, coating, sanding and washing, it offers a flexible six-axis design and is Class 1, Division 1 approved for operation in hazardous environments. A 45 kg payload makes it one of the strongest paint robot in its classification.

Intelligent P-350iA/45 Paint Robot features and benefits:

  • 360-degree rotation of J1 enables multi-direction operation.
  • Durable cast aluminum outer arm withstands harsh conditions.
  • Slim arm with a 2,606 mm reach allows operation in tight workspaces.
  • High-speed operation minimizes robot cycle times.
  • Purged and pressurized arm is FM and ATEX Class Div. 1 approved which maximizes reliability with FANUC's standard purge module.
  • IP67 rated wrist allows operation in wet conditions.
  • Supports FANUC's latest intelligent software tool packages including PaintTool, HandlingTool and SpotTool.

For more information contact:

FANUC America Corporation

3900 West Hamlin Rd.

Rochester Hills, MI 48309-3253

888-FANUC-US (326-8287)

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